Our 7-hyper local warehouses located in the high-demand areas of Dubai
JLT, Business Bay, DSO, Marina, Deira, JVC, Al Wasl
Average space size: 150 - 200 sq. meters
Dark store floor plan
GCC cities are developing into communities where everything is available within a 15-minute reach: the “15-minute cities”.

Our super fast delivery is an essential infrastructure object in 15-minute cities. It enables people to focus on more important things than chores - they get 2X extra time for family, career, hobbies.

In a 15-minute city, our Dark store is a gateway between the online and offline worlds. Yalla!Hub creates a unique sales channel for any house based on new hyperlocal and super-fast principles.

The dark store will become a citizen's PO Box & outpost for any delivery.
Yalla!Hub - integral part of 15-minute cities ecosystems
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