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E-commerce Fulfillment & Warehousing Services

Marketplaces aggregator. Increase the number of sales channels and revenue.
Who is it for?
Sellers of such categories of goods as:
Cosmetics and perfumery
Dietary supplements
Beauty goods and accessories
Clothing and underwear
Electronics and accessories
Food and beverages
Goods for pets
What do we offer our partners?
Official import and certification of goods
Financially responsible storage of your goods in our warehouses
Premium packaging and delivery to end customers worldwide
Creation of stores in marketplaces, item cards and management of sales growth
Market analytics & launching advertising by specialists with experience in UAE
List items on Yalla!Market if it is in the assortment strategy
Accepting payments from customers and payouts in a way that is convenient for you
Convenient IT-system and own customer success team
Sell goods by cooperating with the whole world!
Do business the way you want - and with whom you benefit. Work with the whole world through Yalla!Hub.
Credit financing for sellers from 1% per month.
Spend your time developing, not looking for credit organizations. We support all sellers who have worked with Yalla!Hub for 3 months.
Why is our business model unique?
There's no need to think about logistics and customs clearance of goods - we'll do it all for you.
There's no need to open a legal entity in Dubai - you can work using our legal entity with weekly payments in a way that is convenient for you.
There's no need to think about storage - our 7 modern warehouses with dry and cold rooms provide reliable safety for your goods.
There's no need for you to worry about delivery and couriers - we will do it super fast thanks to the location of warehouses in areas of high demand and the presence of our own staff.
There's no need for you to be present personally in Dubai - we'll organize easy management of sales remotely thanks to online reporting and a convenient IT-system.

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By signing a contract with us now, you automatically become an international company. Just one step, and you will be among those who have the opportunity to enter the most promising markets of the Middle East with us.
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