Launch selling your goods globally

With the ready-made All-in-One eCommerce solution Yalla!Hub, you will do this in one day.
Ready infrastructure for international sales
We offer everything you need to start selling for only $1000 per month
Legal entity for conducting activities
Import and certification of goods
Warehouse and international logistics
One-click access to marketplaces
Advertising accounts, marketing team
Accepting payments from customers
Remote sales management
Facts about us
3 years in the UAE, own delivery of YallaMarket groceries
The first 15-minute delivery service in the UAE
Access to 10+ platforms
Over 100 employees
More than $15 million in investments
More than 100 brands work with us
YallaHub to accelerate UAE quick e-commerce beauty market in partnership deal with Rada Russkikh
Watch the exclusive podcast, where Hady Shaikh hosts Leo to discuss everything you need to know
Leo Dovbenko
Serial entrepreneur in the field of foodtech. Founder of YallaHub and YallaMarket
How to enter the UAE Market with a Revolutionary Product? How to make money online?
What services do we provide?
Ultra-fast delivery to customers
Shorten delivery times in the UAE. We will help to increase the conversion rate, the average check, and repurchase rates.
Entering the international market
Expand to the global and UAE markets. We will quickly and efficiently bring your brand to the UAE through eCommerce sales.
Multiple increase in the number of sales
Increase revenue and the number of sales. We will give you instant access to the best online platforms in the UAE.
What do we offer our partners?
1.1 Fulfillment & Warehousing
Responsible storage of goods in our warehouses in compliance with temperature conditions
Premium product packaging tailored to your requirements
Ultra-fast delivery to customers worldwide
2.1 Official import of goods
Professionalism of employees and narrow specialization in the field of international logistics
Competitive rates, a large number of transport partners and special conditions from key market players
Import to our legal entity (you do not need to open a company in the UAE)
2.2 Product certification
The whole process is turnkey in the shortest possible time (we allocate for you a separate specialist with many years of experience)
Accelerated approval process (we provide a manager from the regulator)
Clear process with a controlled budget
2.3 Market analytics of your products
We estimate the volume of the online and offline market with details on marketplaces, taking into account competitors and prices
We help you understand the potential market volume, make an approximate marketing budget and reduce the unit economy
Simplify the decision-making process with the help of up-to-date analytical reports
2.4 A convenient IT system and its own customer care team
Remote sales management thanks to online reporting
The possibility of working through our legal entity with monthly payments in a convenient way for you
Conducting full-fledged foreign economic activity, transfers to suppliers in any currency anywhere in the world
3.1 Creating storefronts and promoting your products on marketplaces
One-click access to the main platforms of the UAE: Amazon, Noon, Talabat, NowNow and others
Showcase your products on the Yalla!Market platform (if it fits our strategy)
3.2 Advertising launch by specialists with international experience
Launching a brand in the UAE market and developing awareness around the world
Increasing the number of touch points with the product through different channels
Search for the most effective ways to promote

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